Bored Barista Facebook Giveaway!

In celebration of hitting 100 Facebook likes on the Bored Barista page (and kind of because I felt like it) I have a giveaway going on right now on my Facebook page!

Find the pinned post on my Facebook page, and simply follow these four rules to enter:

1. Like the page

2. Like the post

3. Comment what you love about art! It can be art in general, your favorite artist, what styles of art you like, favorite art medium, etc.

4. Share the post.

The giveaway lasts until August 3rd, and after that I will randomly select the winners!

Below are the prize options for each place, along with previews of the prints and buttons you can win, as well as examples of the two types of custom drawings you can win (one colored with detail, the other black and white.)

Good luck!

BB FB GiveawayBB FB Giveaway 2BB FB Giveaway 3BB FB Giveaway 4BB FB Giveaway 5

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