Bored Barista Commissions Pt. 4

Yep this little Bored Barista has another blog post out before the new year, despite the Bored Barista in 2019 post which made for a fitting final post of 2018. BUT…I wanted to take this time to announce that I’ve recently finished a brand new 2nd edition cover of An Unlikely Company (The NetherGate Trilogy: Book 1) by my amazing friend and writer Tyler R Lee. You can find it here for e-book and paperback on Amazon!

“An Unlikely Company” by Tyler R Lee – Book Cover

I can still hardly believe this one is done. I can remember the days of drawing each character with care, bringing each of them to life one step at a time. I’d read this book earlier in the year and fell in love with the characters, and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to create this cover, and deliver a visual representation the author and I are both happy with! This cover made for an interesting challenge in many ways, one where I even felt like I had to step out of my comfort zone a little. Since I really enjoyed this story, however, and love these characters, I can’t say the pressure of making sure I really draw these characters well ever discouraged me. Though that’s also because of how encouraging Tyler R Lee has been through the entire process of this new cover, so I have to thank him for that! This was a blast to make and, like I said, I can still hardly believe it’s done and available for everyone to see now!

I’m happy to be ending this year with an accomplished feeling, and can’t wait to start on some of the projects I have planned for 2019! Happy new year, everyone!

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