Bored Barista Commissions Pt. 5

I need to get better at updating more frequently, but I’ve actually been caught up on commissions for the past…2ish weeks, and though I hadn’t closed commissions, it was nice to take it easy for a while after some satisfying hard work on my last few projects.

“The Heretic’s Dead Man’ by Caitlin E. Jones – Book Cover

Anywho, my last project involves a new novella, The Heretic’s Dead Man, from author Caitlin E. Jones! She’s got a new addition to her Faire Curiosities series: a prequel taking place well over two hundred years before Chimehour, but not without some familiar characters! Follow Helen McCafferty as her training in magic is interrupted by superstitious, fearful townsfolk, leading her on a dark and dangerous adventure in Ireland.

It’s been fun to try something a little different with each project like this that I take on, (even if I am always sort of a sucker for working on something gothic and purple!) It was also interesting to read something that still felt like part of the Faire Curiosities series, yet in many other ways still stood on its own. Looking forward to seeing what’s next for this series!

Be sure to check out The Heretic’s Dead Manavailable in both e-book and paperback edition on Amazon!


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