Bored Barista Instagram Giveaway! (And an Update)

Wow. I haven’t written something on here in a while. Well, now’s as good a time as any to announce that I recently reached 500 followers over on my Instagram page! To celebrate, I’m doing a giveaway with prizes that include prints, commissions, and buttons!


If you’re interested in seeing how to enter, look for my giveaway post on my Instagram page and simply follow the 3 rules listed in that post. Giveaway ends May 24! Here’s a look at the prints and buttons you could win, along with commission examples from the winners of my Facebook giveaway last year!


So, what else have I been up to besides rarely updating this page? Well, everything’s been a bit of a whirlwind the past 2 months, starting with me getting ready for CyphaCon 2019. Last year, I attended as an artist, and it was my first time doing a 3-day event. Though it went really well, it was also really draining. This year, I decided I wouldn’t do artist alley, and actually experience the con this year. Not only that, I entered the cosplay contest with my BFF marsjaws.


Just showing our love of Final Fantasy X as Summoner Yuna and Samurai Rikku, no big deal~ (Photo by Radiant Skies Photography.)


Photo by The Week in Geek.

We might not have won, but I’m really proud of what we’ve done. We tried a lot of new and different things. Even despite Summoner Yuna being a cosplay I made when I was 16, I had a lot of help. Remaking it forced me to tackle a lot of things I had never handled on my own, along with putting far more effort into the final product. All the while, I honestly can’t help but admire how much work my friend put into her sword, her armor, and her costume. I would have curled up in a ball and cried trying to tackle all of that!

I’d forgotten how tiring it also can be to stand around forever waiting for the cosplay contest to begin, especially after waiting a while for pre-judging along with both of us being on our feet all day. You better believe that despite being a tired old lady that my energy returned to me the moment we hit the stage! We’re both fairly comfortable on stage and savored that moment! (The joys of being theater kids.) Though as soon as we were off the stage, my inner old tired lady returned lol. I think I’m done with cosplay contests. It gave me a reason to remake one of my favorite cosplays and I’ll forever be grateful for that, but I don’t think cosplay competitions are for me.

Anyway, my point is that getting this cosplay ready for close to mid-April became my main priority, and I had to spend less time drawing for a while. For maybe 3 or 4 weeks leading up to the con, a lot of my nights went to this cosplay and prop.

Of course, that con was a month ago, so what am I doing now? Well, still drawing. Not as frequently, but still drawing, and finishing up new buttons as well! Obviously, I post those more to my social media, and only certain drawings here, Instagram being where most of my stuff goes, though it usually makes its way onto my Facebook and Twitter as well. While I’ll still be working on cosplay stuff here and there, I’m hoping to make drawing a much bigger focus for a while.

As a side note, commissions are still open! However, I might be a bit slow with things for the rest of the month while I’m still getting into the swing of things again. If you’re looking for a character drawing though, I’d enter the giveaway first to see if you win one for free! Can’t hurt, right?

I’m taking too long to write this, so I’ll wrap it up before my coffee gets cold. Good luck to those who enter the giveaway, and I look forward to sharing more art with you all. Enjoy your weekend!


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