Bored Barista at MechaCon 2319 – Artist Alley

Well, I wouldn’t be very consistent if I didn’t act like I was going to blog more regularly, only to actually blog once every few months! Another convention has come and gone, one that’s a little more important to me than the rest. MechaCon, specifically MechaCon 2.0, was my first ever anime convention back in 2006, giving me and my friends a taste of what this sort of thing was like. It was MechaCon 3.0 that gave us some of our fondest memories. Though there were plenty of years at MechaCon that I missed since then, having only recently returned to it, I usually find myself looking forward to it. Whether it ends up being all that fun or not isn’t what I’ll really get into, but just that I usually find myself at least a little optimistic about it whenever it’s approaching.

Something I had never done before with this con, however, is artist alley. Though still a little inexperienced with it, having had an artist table at only a few cons, I once again found myself looking forward to MechaCon, especially with this new experience. Before I knew it, MechaCon had arrived and it was time to get to the hotel with my new art and set up my table.

I got discouraged at first when I set up, seeing how dark my section was, along with the giant pillar blocking my table so that most who first entered couldn’t see it. I can be bitter all I want about that, but the truth is I still did well overall in artist alley. Besides, I had to remember that the people browsing have a lot of sights to take in at once. There were a ton of other artists in this room, and not everyone is going to notice your table. It can’t be helped, and no amount of not so casually tapping your pencil against your display in hopes that potential customers will look your way is gonna fix that, MISS BARISTA.

I have to remember I’m guilty of doing the same, of just glancing at tables and if nothing catches my eye, I keep walking. I’ve had that impulse to buy something, only for it to wear off before I make the actual purchase. I’ve taken cards and awkwardly walked away after making small talk with the artist, knowing I’m likely not gonna return to that table to buy anything. So, I get it, and I’m not mad that others do the same. How can I be?

Anyway, in spite of how I felt about my table location, I did fine. People complimented my art, made purchases, took cards, etc. It went well. Before this con, I told myself that I was considering not doing artist alley anymore, but it would sort of depend on how I felt about MechaCon.

Truthfully, despite doing well enough, I don’t want to do artist alley anymore.

It’s really not for me. I think it’s a great way to get your art out there, and if it’s something you want to try, I wouldn’t dare talk you out of it, especially if you find a decent con to start with, and can get a table that’s not a ridiculous price. It’s something worth trying for sure. Plus, you get the chance to meet other great artists, become friends with them, and help support one another.

The short and easy answer is just that it’s boring and I’d rather not feel like I’m confined to my table, especially if none of my friends are available at the moment to help or watch it for me. (They were great though when they could and did help, honestly, and I appreciate it.) It can be miserable having to stay sitting at a table for many hours all weekend, and I just don’t think I want to do it anymore. Really though, if I’m going to go to a con, I’d rather just spend that time with my friends. Even so, I don’t see myself attending a bunch of other cons at the moment. With artist alley in particular, I’m happy with how it’s gone overall, but I think I’m done with it.

So, what now?

Well, I’ll be updating my Etsy soon with my recent set of buttons from My Hero Academia, so anyone who may have seen them on my social media will be able to purchase them soon if they didn’t at MechaCon. There are also some other commissions I will be starting on soon, for some stuff I’m pretty excited about.

Speaking of commissions, I’ve recently updated my commission info, which you can check out below. If you’re interested in any commissions from me, you’re more than welcome to message me via this website, or reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Thanks to those for the support you’ve given me in artist alley, and making it a worthwhile experience. I won’t ever forget it!



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