A Spooky Bored Barista Update (Mostly About Self Care)

First of all, shame on me for failing to mention my Halloween Sale on Etsy any sooner. All items are 15% off, and US shipping is still free for nearly every item. Sale ends 10/31! Spooky!

But that’s not the only spooky update. I’ve made some changes to my website. Minor changes that are not important, like updating my gallery with my recent-ish work. I don’t really know why, but I wanted to see if my “About Me” section needed any updating, too.

I reread my paragraph about one of the reasons I picked the name “Bored Barista,” and my first thought was…  I have to change this.

It’s dumb, because I don’t really expect anyone to go to that page. Outside of me linking to blog posts, I don’t expect there to be much exploration on this website, which I try to keep simple anyway with just my art, some info about me, and how to contact me.

Still, I didn’t like what I read. It’s been changed now, but here’s what this paragraph used to say:

As for why I call myself “Bored Barista”, there are a few reasons, but I’ll save us all some time with a short version. Whenever I’m bored, I can only take so much sitting around and doing nothing before I feel as if I need to be doing something creatively productive, whether it’s writing or drawing or sewing, or even working on perfecting cups of coffee. I was also, unsurprisingly, a barista when I started thinking about focusing more on art again, so I did just that and became Bored Barista.

A “need” to be productive. Here’s the thing…

I know I’m not about to be the first or the last person you hear preach about self care. Not only that, I know it’s something I need to work on as well. Still, even though I am reading into my own paragraph too much, and others might not take it this way, I didn’t like having this message on here anymore. The truth is, I had a lot more free time when I was a barista and first started this website. A lot of that need for creative productivity came from me genuinely just having more time on my hands.

Then I think about how I am now, two years later. I’m so happy to be working in graphic design, and when I first started working full time in that field, I really did have the time to still comfortably work from home on commissions, while making the time to write, and to draw for fun. As the responsibilities started piling on, it would get to the point where, at the end of a long day, of having to be creative and fast (alongside a lot of other tasks I do at my job,) the last thing I often wanted to do when I’m home is even THINK about opening an editing program or drawing.

And for a long time, that thought still persisted that I “need” to be productive and creative now that I’m home. I “need” to be working on something. It’s only been recently that I’ve had to force myself to just take days where I do nothing, and it’s really helped.

Still, while the paragraph of one of my reasons for being “Bored Barista” had a somewhat different meaning for a “need” to be productive back then, I’m still glad I looked at it. I’m still on a journey to better self care and really needed a moment to reflect on that. Things have changed since 2017. I don’t have that same amount of time that I used to, and I don’t want to burn myself out trying to always make that time. I’ve been trying to take more time to relax. I’m spending less time on social media, which has made me feel as if I need to be drawing so that I have a reason to show my art to strangers, only to take it personally when they don’t acknowledge it. I’ve been reminding myself that not drawing every day doesn’t mean I’ve really slipped or that I’m not productive.

That message you might see pop up on your facebook/twitter/whatever feed of you’re not a bad person for “not being productive”/needing rest may be extremely common, but still very true.

I hope, if any of you feel the same way, that you take the steps needed toward better self care as well. I’m glad that, in general, people are at least acknowledging the importance of it, because I’m tired of anyone glorifying a lack of sleep because they had to push themselves harder than necessary to get something done. It’s not worth being “busy” if it robs you of your energy, motivation, and creativity.

Thanks for taking the time to read this grumpy little “barista’s” message and self reflection, and remember to take care of yourselves. ❤


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