Bored Barista in 2020

Heyyy I didn’t forget to do this! Yay! As for what to say, that’s the hard part. Before I began writing this, I took a glance at my blogs starting with the end of 2018 and then all of 2019, but after that, I still really had to reflect more on the year as a whole.

Book Covers

For starters, I do kind of find it funny that I’m ending another year with a new book cover for author Tyler R. Lee, this year being for his novel Load Custom Character. In the last blog I wrote, it was up for preorder, so now it’s available now for paperback and e-book on Amazon. We’re both extremely excited about how the cover turned out! It had been a while since I’d worked on a cover, and I was happy for a new project like this.

Early to Mid 2019 – One Last Artist Alley

Outside of the cover, there is not much I’ve done in December. It was a busy month for plenty of non-art reasons, as it usually is for people. As a result, I began to convince myself that this somehow wasn’t a productive year for me. So I looked through all of my art in 2019, and had a much better understanding of my year, at least as Bored Barista.

I forgot some of my earliest drawings of 2019 were even from this year. There was an early effort to draw more backgrounds, and to try to start including more texture to certain pieces. A few months in, however, there was more of a focus on getting new buttons ready for what was my final artist alley event. I’ve already talked about being done with artist alley in my last year-end reflection post, and how MechaCon would be my final event. Still, I was excited about it, and worked hard on new buttons for the event. Given all that I mentioned in that blog post, however, despite being technically successful, there’s no doubt at all now that I’m done with artist alley.

Mid to Late 2019 – Just Trying to Improve…my Art AND my Happiness

After that, I’ve noticed I sort of stuck to simple sketches, mostly ones where I focused more on improving poses, faces, coloring, etc. Part of me feels like I didn’t draw as much as I “could have” during the last few months, but really it’s because part of me is trying to just pay more attention to what I draw, and sometimes. Sometimes all I’ll manage to finish is a drawing of someone from the neck up, having put more of my energy into improving details of the face, the lighting/shading, the expression, etc.

I have been thinking a lot about how I have many techniques I want to improve upon. There is a chance, however, that I won’t always want to share what I’m working on. Sometimes, I’m proud of a simple sketch and do want to share it. Spending less time on social media, however, has really helped chase away the feeling that I HAVE to share something. As though not sharing will make people forget me or make them worry. I have been a lot happier spending less time on social media. There was a point where I was so in my head, feeling like I needed to support everything I can, only to let discouraging thoughts wear me down if others didn’t supposedly give me that same level of support. No one owes me anything, and I certainly don’t want to let likes determine my worth. That being said, I still give my support on social media when I can, but for my own health and happiness, I don’t want to check it as frequently anymore.

What’s Next?

A few things. As I’ve said, I’ve been thinking a lot about wanting to improve my technique, which will either result in me having less to share because I’m practicing or because I’m taking my time. There’s much I want to work on for fun, so I hope to have some new and improved art to share in 2020! We’ll see!

I am still working on some commissions that I’m excited about, though I have taken a break because of the holidays, and will get back to them soon. One of them is complete but I can’t show it yet till the other is done, so…SOON. Soon.

Lastly, I HAVE considered trying to add another item or two to my Etsy, but I’ll make an update on that if it happens.

As for all of you going into 2020, I know some people like to joke about how cliche it is to talk about starting the new year fresh, going to the gym, improving yourself, etc., but I say whatever! I wish you all the best of luck in achieving your goals. If it helps, take the time to reflect on your 2019. In what ways did you grow and improve, and in what ways did you not? Figuring these things out has helped me focus a little more on what goals I want to achieve in 2020. Sometimes it’s not easy to see how far you’ve come until you look back at where you started.

So, have a Happy New Year, and best of luck with all you hope to achieve!

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