Bored Barista Commissions – New Character Art (and general update)

Well, I would say this isn’t exactly how I planned to start my 2020, but none of us really did. Not long into the year did we begin to hear about COVID-19. Next thing we know, we’re in a pandemic, places are shut down, events canceled, and so on.

I didn’t have much of a successful start with drawing pre-COVID-19, but it was certainly all the more difficult to focus on anything once the country began to face shutdowns. I was still working, rather than having to stay home, but even then I couldn’t focus once I had the time.

Then I got tennis elbow, and became severely depressed for a while. I couldn’t draw for more than maybe an hour before my arm had enough. Lately, if I’m not drawing, I’m working out, but tennis elbow severely restricted my usual workout plans. Not being able to do either of these things to my full potential killed me and tested my patience. I had to focus my spare time on other things until my arm healed. Even now, it is not entirely better, but it’s close, I think.

Still, last month I was still able to at least draw a little at a time, and finish some character art:

Characters “Peter & ShieldBro” from Load Custom Character

Near the end of 2019, I had finished a book cover for author Tyler R. Lee’s newest novel: Load Custom Character, and recently had the opportunity to draw two of the main characters, including the protagonist himself. With the story being about characters trapped in a fantastical video game world, and facing the horror that death in the game means death in real life, I had the opportunity to draw both their real and avatar forms. I always enjoy working on character art for Tyler R. Lee, as he knows his characters very well–inside and out. I had plenty to work with description-wise, as well as from having read the adventure of Peter and his friends. I want to thank him again for the opportunity to work on another project for him, especially one that I know is very dear to him, and one I enjoyed myself.

You can find author Tyler R. Lee on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and find his novel HERE on Amazon in paperback and eBook edition.

These were projects I had agreed to before closing commissions, and even now commissions will remain closed a while longer. My arm is still healing, and as a result I barely get to draw, so I’ve hardly had any time to work on any of my own art.

Still, even with what few pieces I have finished this year, I am proud of my progress, and am constantly trying to stick with the mentality I had going into this year, to continuously become a better version of myself. For now, I still have to take it easy.

I hope you are all continuing to be safe and well during this terrifying time. With the country opening back up, we all need to still be cautious, as this pandemic is not over yet.

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