Bored Barista Commission (and just general 2020) Update

Wow…even though I haven’t written one of these in a little while, my post from July feels like it was so much further back than this. This year has been…well, “strange” is the most polite way I can put it, but we all know it’s so much more than that. By strange, in this case, I mean it’s weird how we blink and another month ends, with the year feeling like it’s speeding by, yet simultaneously feeling as though it’s dragging its feet.

At least, I know that’s how it feels for me. The days are a blur, somehow slow and yet over in the blink of an eye. Then there’s of course this constant, emotional weight as I often reflect on the state of things. It’s been a mess, and drawing, at times, has been difficult. Either I could not get into that head space, or…I didn’t want to push it at times because of the tennis elbow.

About that, though…some good news here is that it feels significantly better. It is very rare that I have a day where it bothers me. I am still playing it safe when I can, careful with how often I work out and what type of exercises I do. Drawing does not seem to cause too much of that pain anymore, though I still am careful with it.

So, only recently, just because of how I have been emotionally and physically, have I really started to draw more frequently again. This includes both some of my own drawings for fun, and recent commission work here below:

Here we’ve got some D&D commissions along with 2 Animal Crossing style commissions for people’s pets. (I tried, y’all lol. The latter was the bigger challenge of these types of drawings.)

As of now, I am finishing up a personal tattoo mockup commission, along with working on a piece for an entire D&D group. Simultaneously, I’m working on character drawings of my own, as it’s been really comforting to work on lately.

However, I do want to make a commission update here:

I will be CLOSING commissions for anything to do with illustrations. I will remain open for graphic design projects (logo design, logo cleanup, editing works, etc.) But I won’t be open to do any other drawings for some time.

This doesn’t mean I won’t occasionally say yes to a drawing, depending on when I am being asked. I mean mostly that I just won’t really be actively posting about being open for commissions. When I’m caught up on other people’s projects, I want to really start devoting even more of my time to some of my own work. I know I go through those phases off and on where I just want to be closed so I can work on my own things, but as of now I have no real plan of when I’d “reopen” for commissions.

Despite some of the emotional and physical setbacks I faced this year, diving deep into my own artwork again has been such a strong coping mechanism, and it may just be what I need for a while.

Still, if in the near future you might want me to draw something, don’t hesitate to ask! I might still be able to. As of now, I don’t want to make promises on when I can be more available to take on multiple commissions. Who knows? But as I’ve said, for now I’m only open for certain graphic design related projects, and I deeply appreciate everyone who has ever approached me with requests. It really does mean a lot.

So that was probably longer than it needed to be. Still, that’s all I have to say for now. I hope you all continue to be safe and strong during this whirlwind of a year. We’re all facing different and merciless challenges this year. I hope you’re all able to find strength in the things that give you joy, and that those things give you the encouragement you need to continue to dream, and to hope.

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