2021 so far…

How do I even sum up this year for me so far? 2020 is behind us, but it’s hard to shake it off when much of what arose from this year still lingers. Still, in other ways, I’m approaching it with the same attitude I do every year: a new start. It becomes a moment of self reflection, thinking about how I’ve grown, and asking myself not only what goals have I accomplished, but also, “What do I want to accomplish next?”

I still feel conflicted about my 2020 progress, finding at times I focused on what I didn’t achieve rather than what I did. That being said, it’s slowly but surely getting easier to focus more on the positive: I’ve continued to grow. I’m improving.

Now, to keep improving.

I think about how I want to work on new and different projects this year. 2020 turned into a lot of me drawing what I know for the sake of comfort, which is typically fantasy characters standing in…well…an empty space. Still, I’m taking baby steps this year, at least for now. Rather than diving straight into the unfamiliar, I’m working my way up to it. It’s what I owe myself right now, when I still feel exhausted just thinking about this past year. The goal here is to grow, to expand, but not overwhelm myself and set myself up for constant discouragement. That’s not to say I don’t intend to ever take risks and just do something even if it fails. That simply might have to wait though, when we’re a little further into the year.

So, what are some baby steps I’ve taken? Definitely not the “draw something that isn’t just fantasy characters” step, but still. I see more attention to detail, while also mentally taking notes of where to improve next time. We all have to go at our own pace with our goals, and I will work toward being kind to myself with my pace. I feel encouraged by what I have already done in 2 months, but am reminding myself I do not need to maintain this pace if it becomes too much.

We’ll see what the rest of this year has in store. I’ll be spending a large part of March, if not all of it, working on a few commissions so I look forward to being able to show those when they’re done! All the while, we’ll see if I set aside some time for another drawing or two of my own, but again…baby steps for me in these early months of the year!

I hope you’re all listening to both your mind and your heart as well, and doing what is best for you this year, and I wish you all the best of luck with your goals. Have a great weekend, everyone!

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