MmmmeHi there. My name’s Nicole, aka Bored Barista. When I’m not trying to create a cup of coffee that’s pleasant from the first sip to the last, I’m writing or drawing!

Drawing was the first creative interest I’d ever had, and while it’s a hobby I’ve had for over 2 decades, there were a few years at a time where it sadly took a backseat to other creative outlets. Recently, I’ve done more than return to it. I’ve straight up embraced it as one of my biggest passions.

Giving digital illustration a shot as Bored Barista helped me to dive back into my oldest hobby and create things I didn’t believe I was capable of doing. Now I’m tackling a wide variety of projects and I look forward to seeing where this artistic journey takes me.

The name “Bored Barista” was picked for a few reasons, one being that I used to work as (wait for it) a barista. Another being that, whenever I was bored, be it at home or at work, my mind would either wander to new creative ideas that would motivate me. Sometimes it would be with drawing, writing, or even working on making a perfect cup of coffee. Nowadays, I’m a full-time graphic designer, and also do illustration and design commissions in my spare time, such as logos, Dungeons & Dragons character art, book covers, and more!

I’m always seeking new ways to test my creativity, and staying caffeinated along the way.

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