Bored BaristaHi there. My name’s Nicole, aka Bored Barista. When I’m not trying to create a cup of coffee that’s pleasant from the first sip to the last, I’m writing, cosplaying, or drawing!

Drawing was the first creative interest I’d ever had, and while it’s a hobby I’ve had for close to two decades, there were a few years at a time where it sadly took a backseat to other creative outlets. Recently, I’ve done more than return to it–I’ve straight up embraced it as one of my biggest passions.

Giving digital illustration a shot as Bored Barista helped me to dive back into my oldest hobby and create things I didn’t believe I was capable of doing. Now I’m tackling a wide variety of projects and I look forward to seeing where this artistic journey takes me.

As for why I call myself “Bored Barista”, there are a few reasons, but I’ll save us all some time with a short version. Whenever I’m bored, I can only take so much sitting around and doing nothing before I feel as if I need to be doing something creatively productive, whether it’s writing or drawing or sewing, or even working on perfecting cups of coffee. I was also, unsurprisingly, a barista when I started thinking about focusing more on art again, so I did just that and became Bored Barista.

I’m always seeking new ways to test my creativity, and staying overly caffeinated along the way.

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