Bored Barista at Bar Con IV!

Hey, all! It’s been a while since my last event, but I wanted to take a minute to mention that I will be selling Bored Barista art goodies at Bar Con IV at Bad Wolf Bar & Grill on October 20!

It’s my 2nd year selling at Bar Con and my 3rd time attending, and I’m looking forward to returning to this full day event of all things nerdy! In addition to selling alongside some talented artists, there will be a variety of panels, performances, gaming competitions, cosplay contest, and other great events!

I’ve been working on a few new things to sell at this event, including a new set of buttons that I plan to also have up on my Etsy shop soon!

I do have one other event I will be going to this year, but I’ll discuss that in further detail as it gets closer to that time. 🙂 Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday, and I will try to post again soon about my recent commission work!

Bored Barista Commissions

A month ago, I finally decided to post to my Bored Barista Instagram and Facebook pages that I was available for commissions!


And, I’ll admit, I wasn’t expecting to receive any requests so soon.

From left to right: Stanley, Willow, and Vincent from author Caitlin E. Jones’ novel Chimehour.

I was so excited to work on more character art for Caitlin E. Jones. It’s always a pleasure to work with her and bring her characters to life. Also, her novella, The Spectre and the Governess, (and the first ever design project I worked on for her) is now available in paperback, so be sure to check it out! I’m excited to see the cover in person, and knowing me, I don’t doubt I’ll get a bit emotional seeing it.

Kaznar (left) and Grindor (right) from Tyler R. Lee’s novel An Unlikely Company.

I then had the pleasure of working with another author for the first time as well! Author Tyler R. Lee has a variety of unique and memorable characters in his novel An Unlikely Company, the first book in his NetherGate Trilogy, and it was fun getting to draw a couple of them! As someone who doesn’t often draw wizards and dwarves, I welcomed the opportunity!

I’d like to thank them again for the commission requests, and it brings me joy to know they’re happy with the final results of each piece!

If you’re looking to possibly win a character drawing for free, I do have a giveaway going on from now until August 3rd on my Facebook page! (See the pinned post!) And while I’m still available for commissions, I admit I won’t be able to complete them as quickly for the rest of July. (I will still happily work on them, but any new requests will just be a while before I’ll have them done!)

After my giveaway, I’ll also start focusing more on other pieces, like new prints, buttons, and possibly a few other goodies for some events later this year, but I’ll get into the details of those another day. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

Bored Barista Facebook Giveaway!

In celebration of hitting 100 Facebook likes on the Bored Barista page (and kind of because I felt like it) I have a giveaway going on right now on my Facebook page!

Find the pinned post on my Facebook page, and simply follow these four rules to enter:

1. Like the page

2. Like the post

3. Comment what you love about art! It can be art in general, your favorite artist, what styles of art you like, favorite art medium, etc.

4. Share the post.

The giveaway lasts until August 3rd, and after that I will randomly select the winners!

Below are the prize options for each place, along with previews of the prints and buttons you can win, as well as examples of the two types of custom drawings you can win (one colored with detail, the other black and white.)

Good luck!

BB FB GiveawayBB FB Giveaway 2BB FB Giveaway 3BB FB Giveaway 4BB FB Giveaway 5

Bored Barista Etsy Shop is Open

Bored Barista

Bored Barista Etsy Shop is now open with most of my prints and buttons available for purchase! I still have to add some of my larger prints, which will hopefully happen in the very near future. In the meantime, take a look here at all available prints and buttons! All items include free US shipping!